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South Korea
Important people in South Korean history
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Important people in South Korean history
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Here are some amazing people in South Korean history!

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South Korea: Important People


            Korea has seen many great people through out its history.  Many of them were great religious thinkers that led to new ideas.  Wonhyo, a great Buddhist thinker, helped with the creation of Korean Buddhism.  Uich on and Chinul both introduced new philosophies to reform Buddhism to help the current population of the late 12th century.  Yet again another great Buddhist thinker, Hyujong, reformed Buddhism to solve the next problem in society.  Chong To-jon was the first great Confucius thinker in Korea that made the change for the Choson Dynasty to base on Neo-Confucianism.  Many more Korean religious leaders showed up during times that the people needed a change in social life to fit the current era. 

            Korea has also seen many political leaders through out history.  Though not Korean, General Douglas MacArthur, commander of the Allied forces during the Korean War helped with the freeing of South Korea from the attack by North Korea.  President Park Chung Hee of the Third and Fourth Republics rebuilt South Korea after the war, rebuilding the economy, relations, and everything else.  His contributions to South Korea have greatly helped the country.  Another general, Army Chief-of-Staff Lt. Gen. Chang Do-yong and the Military Revolutionary Committee over threw the corrupted government of the Second Republic, allowing Park Chung Hee to become president and rebuild the nation.  Most Korean leaders and important people came from the 1950s and on, mostly because South Korea was under some other rule after the Choson Dynasty.  These people have greatly helped the nation of South Korea to become what it is today.